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DN - The NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC Party, The new name of the National Front in Belgium


Mrs Miss Mr,

Whether you are here by conviction, sympathy, curiosity, or even as an opponent,
Welcome to the site of NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC Party of Belgium.

With us, you will find citizens like you, simply wanting to live in peace, harmony and security with there woman, children and families. Women and men concerned about social justice, attentive to the fears that are manifested in Belgian and European society.

The NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC Party offers you objective solutions to the rise of Islamization, the radicalization, impoverishment and degradation of our country.

- Our project : to propose an alternative to meet the challenges facing our country.

- Our goal : is to put an end to the disastrous management of our Nation by the ruling parties and by the corrupt politicians who steal and distill the taxpayers' money.

- Our commitment : to make and secure a future for our people.

I place at your disposal my person and all the structures of the movement which I have the honor to preside over, in order to allow this unity behind which we all united to respond to this great appointment of History whose future depends on us .

Do not wait anymore, support us and join us, help us ensure your future and that of our children. Let us act today to build Belgium and the Europe of tomorrow.

President of National Democratic Party of Belgium

Démocratie Nationale

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