Political Positions

This section documents the political demands positions of the National Democratic Party

Our commitments

The National Democratic Party wants to gather all the Belgians attached to their country and disappointed by the political class.


Faithful to traditional values, refusing both laxity and extremism, national democracy defends a realistic and ambitious program capable of responding to the great challenges of the world of tomorrow.

It is only through a bold social policy that we can put an end to the culture of death that is gangrenous to our society.

Our commitments

  1. Securing the future of our children and the well-being of our citizens
  2. Fight against poverty and social exclusion.
  3. To ensure a dignified end of life for our retirees who had made Belgium a great nation.
  4. Promote the national preference, economically and socially.
  5. Eradicate illegal immigration and limit extra-European immigration.
  6. Strengthen controls at the external borders of the Shengen area.
  7. To expel manu militari the clandestine ones.
  8. Expel and prohibit territory, any foreigner committing a crime or an offense.
  9. Fight against the Great Replacement.
  10. Fight against the Islamization of Belgium and Europe.
  11. Preserve and protect our citizens from Sharia.
  12. Protect, enhance and preserve the natural family, the founding element of our European civilization.
  13. Encourage birth rates through a family support policy.
  14. Restore security in order to make Belgium a country where life is good.
  15. Redefine the missions of our army, whose main mission is the protection of our citizens and national defense.
  16. Guarantee, preserve and recover national independence, democracy and our freedoms.
  17. Be vigilant and protect ourselves from the dangers that threaten our identity and culture.
  18. Restoring meaning to our motto "Unity is Strength" by encouraging solidarity among citizens by providing secure social security and strong social policies.
  19. Rehabilitate the notions of respect, solidarity and sense of collective and general interest.
  20. To defend our vision of a strong and independent Europe, which brings together European citizens across borders and languages ​​within a European Union which must assert itself in its social policy as well as in its socio-economic policy, its environmental policy, defense policy and foreign policy.

We love our country and our children and we are proud to be Belgians and Europeans.

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