Political Positions

This section documents the political demands positions of the National Democratic Party

our Fight

Is to fight against massive immigration and islamisation of Europe.


There is no fatality to decline, there are only bad policies responsible for it !

Our fight is that of democracy at the service of freedom. It is the fight of democracy in the service of individual, political, economic and social, in a society where we can guarantee our culture, our values and our freedom. It is only through a social policy that we can put an end to the culture of death that is gangrenous to our society.

Our fight

  1. Respond to the challenges of this century and the challenges of civilization.
  2. To offer new hope and new inspiration to the millions of Belgians who feel abandoned, rightly anxious for their future and that of their children.
  3. Fight the Great Replacement because the change of people is not an illusion but a reality.
  4. Combat all forms of terrorism (religious, political, intellectual).
  5. Fight the leveling down of our society.
  6. Fight against Illegal immigration.
  7. Fight the Islamization of Belgium and Europe.
  8. Fight the introduction of sharia.
  9. Fight Christianophobia.
  10. Fight ritual slaughter.

The men and women of experience and conviction who founded The National Democrat Party, have the energy and the determination necessary to establish and bring the hope of national renewal.

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